What Customers Are Saying?

Lesly Garcia

Berneitha truly helped me focus on healthy living. The 14 day program for me was eye opening and a great experience. I learned so much about food and different tastes I did not realize I enjoyed. Mentally Berneitha also helped me focus on my goals and what was holding me back. I highly recommend working with Berneitha a true professional with a caring spirit!

Dorothy Vernon

As I began to age I was not taking my food intake very serious. I gained weight and started having health challenges, my wonderful Coach Berneitha introduced this fourteen day cleanse program. After participating for the fourteen days I understand the importance of eating healthy, planning meals and controlling food portions. As a result I now feel better and plan to continue striving to be heathier and continue losing weight.

Audrey Johnson

I would like to encourage others to take the opportunity to try the 14day cleanse. You will totally understand the benefits it provides to your body. Being sure that you eat the proper foods to help you become healthier and understand the importance of eating appropriately.

An added comment; after I completed the cleanses I was returning to some old habits. I felt the impact of the old ways. My legs and feet had stop swelling and they began to swell again. So therefore, I realize that the 14 day cleanse and the new way to prepare and eat food is very healthy for me.

Thanks Coach Berneitha for introducing me to something new that will assist me with becoming healthier.

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